Dynetech consultants 



we undertake the following analysis

  1. Shock analysis of equipment: We undertake shock and vibration analysis of mechanical and electrical equipment, which are subjected to transient dynamic loading. Equipment, which are subjected to sudden impact loading need such analysis for qualifications. Our experts are from ex DRDO and have specialized  experience in such analysis.

  2. Vibration Analysis:  We provide total solution of your vibration problem of rotating machineries. Vibration analysis is performed to identify the root cause of the problem and to suggest the practical remedies. Vibration measurement and condition monitoring is undertaken as per ISO standard. We also carry out advanced finite element modal analysis (vibration analysis) to identify natural frequencies & critical speed so as to detect the main cause of vibration, when normal narrow band analysis does not work.

  3. Design of vibration isolation system and anti vibration mounts: Vibration isolation system is the most critical requirement for equipment, when transmission of vibration can cause serious damage. We provide critical solutions of this problem by designing the suitable anti vibration mounts. Advanced non-linear finite element analysis is performed for most accurate solutions and design of anti vibration mounts.