Dynetech Consultants undertakes engineering services in thermal and mechanical design of shell & tube heat exchanger as per recognized codes

Dynetech Consultants disseminates knowledge and share its expertise with customers

We deliver engineering services in piping stress analysis for power and process plants.

Dynetech Consultants identify the source of aberrant vibration in rotating machinery, and provide remedial solutions. Also uses finite element analysis to evaluate natural frequency

Dynetech Consultants models fluid flow and heat transfer, and provides cost and energy efficient CFD solutions.

Our Clients

1. Pumpsense Fluid Engineering Pvt. Ltd

2. Excel Generators Pvt. Ltd

3. Defence Research & Development Organization

4. Transafe Services Ltd

5. Ashika Commercials pvt Ltd

.......and more

Dynetech consultants 


Dynetech uses CAD/CAE for finite element analysis and tailored simulation of your equipment behaviour, to provide the suitable solution.

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dynetech consultants 

We evaluate finite element analysis response of the structure under seismic loading and qualify it as per international codes


DYNETECH Consultants,   based in Kolkata, provides  engineering services, with conscientious regard for cost and energy efficacy desired by customers. We specialize in finite element analysis, structural analysis, vibration analysis, computational fluid dynamics, CFD, piping engineering, piping stress analysis, seismic analysis of structures, heat transfer and design of shell & tube heat exchanger, pressure vessels.